Why Us?

Our dedicated Property Management team can expertly manage and oversee all facets of your property investment. We pride ourselves in forming
good relationships with both landlords and tenants this is our foundation of success. Effective communication that is both friendly and informative
combined with flexible management packages and excellent arrears handling means peace of mind for you.
We would love to arrange a personal appraisal on your investment property  and you will see the difference


In Property Management we are extremely selective when choosing tenants. The road to having a smooth running tenancy begins with selecting
the right Tenant/s.
A comprehensive Rental Application Form (one per Tenants/occupier) is completed along with evidence of income prior viewing property.
This is primarily to establish the prospective Tenants ability to meet rental payments.
All Tenants/occupiers are also required to submit 100 point checklist for identification as detailed in our Rental Application Form.

LARCOR Real Estate is a member of the Tenancy Information Centre of Australia (TICA), which is Australasia & New Zealand Tenancy Information Database for Tenant Defaults. All prospective tenants are cross referenced to ensure only tenants with clean rental history statements are approved
for properties through LARCOR Real Estate.

Our comprehensive screening process meets the requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act, the Privacy Act and the Anti-discrimination Act.
We conduct multiple searches on the employment history and rental history of tenants to ensure the tenants ability to meet our strict criteria.

“Our application form is more detailed and comprehensive than the industry standard”

LARCOR Real Estate recommends that a property be offered for a six or twelve month lease basis depending on specific requirements.
Upon satisfactory tenant selection and approval by the Landlord, LARCOR Real Estate will collect the four (4) or six (6) weeks bond and two (2) weeks
rent in advance and coordinate time for signing Lease and all necessary documents as well as bond forwarded to Residential Tenancies Tribunal.
Keys are photocopied with each key labelled for tenants to sign for when they receive the keys. This ensures that keys can be checked for accuracy
upon return and if keys are not returned locks are changed at the tenants’ expense.
Extreme care is taken to ensure all documents are prepared accurately and comply with Residential Tenancies Act 1994

A rental bond is paid by the tenant at the start of the tenancy as security to cover any breach of the terms of the agreement. Following the termination
of the tenancy this might be used as compensation for any breach of the agreement including damage to the property or failure to pay rent.
LARCOR Real Estate and the tenant must sign a bond lodgement form and the bond lodged with the Rental Tenancies Tribunal.

A detailed 17 Page initial inspection is a valuable document that we complete, to ensure the property is returned in the same condition as at the
start of the tenancy (Fair wear and tear expected).
We complete a thorough initial report before occupancy and list all details regarding fittings, features and blemishes. The tenants have seven days
from the beginning of the tenancy to return the signed document to our office.

Every property managed by LARCOR Real Estate is internally inspected four times a year. As a Landlord you are provided with a report on the
general condition of the property and whether the property is being maintained in the manner as provided in the Tenancy Agreement.                      
(Annexure A Terms & Conditions)
Inspections are an important part of our management, and we provide a detailed report to our Landlords and any maintenance requirements highlighted.

All requests for non urgent repairs and maintenance must be made in writing by using the Maintenance Repair Request forms available on our website.
All repairs are attended to as promptly as possible, with Landlord approval where required need to be obtained prior to any repairs being undertaken.
Your property manager or our authorised repairer will contact tenant to arrange access to the property to arrange repairs. If an appointment time and
date for access of has been confirmed but not kept by Tenant, then the call out fee will be automatically passed on to Tenant for payment.
URGENT MAINTENANCE! Examples of urgent repairs are a burst hot water main, blocked or broken toilet, serious roof leak, flooding or serious storm
or fire damage. We provide all tenants with 24hr emergency mobile contact should the need arise.

Rental payments are required to be paid fortnightly in advance on the date as outlined in your Residential Tenancy Agreement. LARCOR Real Estate
has introduced more facilities to assist tenant/s in paying their rent. The Tenant/s have options of Rental Book system, Internet Banking, Direct Debit
and Rental Rewards (payment via credit card either on the Internet or phone). If Tenants can not pay rent on time they are advised to contact Property Manager immediately. 
Approximately 2 months before a tenancy agreement expires, a rent review is completed on your property and landlord will receive a lease renewal
notice with current market opinion  and request  for extension of lease with  current tenancy or terminate lease and commence marketing for
new tenant/s. 

As a Tenant, it is your responsibility to establish new accounts for gas, telephone
or electricity in your name when you move into your new property and to finalise accounts when you move out.
Available through our office Direct Connect facility which we can coordinate connection of utilities on your behalf, when you sign the required authority
form which is attached to Rental Application Form.

As a Tenant, when you want to end the tenancy, you must give correct notice in writing. Your termination request will be effective from the date we
LARCOR Real Estate receives your written notice. This written notice can be posted, hand delivered, faxed or emailed. If you are breaking your lease
agreement then penalties will apply as prescribed by Residential Tenancies Tribunal. (Notice to Vacate/Lease Break Form available on our website)