Landlord Tips



All correct bank account details ie: name of bank, name of account, BSB and account number are given to us to ensure that monthly payments are paid to you on time.

Copy of Building Insurance Policy (incl. Public liability)

Two full sets of keys and any remotes to LARCOR Real Estate

Please provide us with any instruction booklets /manuals of appliances that may come in handy for any future maintenance issues.

Make sure that all final readings are done for Utilities, Gas, Electricity and Telephone.

Please provide us with copies of SA Water Accounts (front & back page) every quarter in order to calculate supply water charges and water consumption for tenants.

Carpets to be professionally steam cleaned

All Appliances must be in working order

All door handles, hinges and locks to be fully functional

All taps are not leaking, washers are in good order

Toilet not to be leaking both from the cistern and seal at back.

Bathroom areas to be free from mildew and mould
Exhaust fans to be clean and working

Clean air conditioner / heater filters and pads

Curtains to be free from stains and dust

Light fittings to be clean and any blown globes to be replaced.

Windows and windowsills to be cleaned and free from dust and cobwebs inside and out.

Cobwebs to be removed from ceilings/cornices

All cupboards (inside and out) to be clean and all personal items to be removed.
Gutters and downpipes to be cleared

Driveways, carports and all concrete areas to be free from oil and grease stains.

Gardens:  Lawns cut, garden beds, paving and driveway to be free from weeds, trees, shrubs and roses to be trimmed etc.

All rubbish to be removed from property both interior and exterior.

Ensure that all bins required are at property



Many of our clients find themselves in a position of needing to rent out the family home during times of job transfer and similar circumstances. 
The following checklist will make things easier for you if you are in this position.  Those items marked with an asterisk (*) must be attended
to before you move. Items marked with two asterisks (**) are things you are obliged to do by law.  The remainder, although equally important,
could safely be left until after the move, as long as you have arranged for mail to be forwarded.


Lending Institutions, Banks, Credit Unions – transfer your accounts and the contents of your safe deposit box to a branch near your new home.

Aged/Invalid/Repatriation Pensions – visit or write to your social Security Ofice giving them your reference number and the date of you move.
Family Allowance (Social Security Department/Centrelink)

Public Library

Life Insurance Companies (quote policy numbers).

*Property Insurance (building & contents, quote policy number)

Car Insurance Company (quote policy number)

Any other insurances (Children’s accident etc)

Hire Purchase Companies – notify the office where you make payments.

Credit Cards (Diners Club, Amex, Store Accounts etc.) fill in the change of address portion of your statement when returning it with payment.

**Motor Registration – notify the Motor Registration Branch of your change of address within 7 days of moving. 
          Don’t forget Drivers Licence as well as vehicle registration.

** Electoral Office (address in telephone directory under commonwealth Government) – contact your local electoral 
           Office in your new area within a month of moving in. Forms are also available at the local Post Office.

** Income Tax – advise you Australian Taxation Office of you change of address within seven days.

Share and investments, Government Bonds etc.

Rates – your Solicitor/Conveyancer will make the necessary adjustments at both ends.

* Rented Property – if you are a tenant give the appropriate notice.  If you are a Landlord, notify your tenants.



*Schools – when children change school, you need an official transfer from the Principal of the old school.


*Part time, Evening and Correspondence Courses

*Doctor/Dentist – let them know you are moving as a matter of courtesy before your register in your new locality.
*Health Fund – advise the relevant organisations when making your next payment/claim.

*Subscriptions – to magazines, papers etc. let them know your new address

*Personal friends and associates. Clubs and organisations you belong to.

*Professional advisers – notify your Solicitor, Accountant, Real Estate Agent, Stockbroker, etc.

*Postal redirection – arrange with your local post office to forward your mail to the new address.


*Electricity, Gas, Telephone – arrange final readings and disconnection’s and transfers.

*Milkman – with the last day of delivery

*Newsagent – with last day of delivery

*Personal friends and associates. Clubs and organisations you belong to.


When you apply to rent a property through LARCOR Real Estate please make sure you complete Residential Application Form (one per adult/occupier) along with evidence of income with accurate current information to ensure we process your application quickly and give you maximum opportunity to secure a property.

For further enquiries contact our office on 8281 4999 or via email