Why Us?


At LARCOR Real Estate we strive for perfection each and every time and will design a  Marketing Package for each individual property to ensure
you achieve maximum price for your property.

Our experience and intimate knowledge of the local area market enables us to recommend the method of sale most suitable for your property.

Detailed below are the five methods.

An option that some people choose is the Silent Listing or Low Key method of sale.  This allows you to find a new home, or to await the occurrence
of a particular event which needs to be finalised before you sell.  No advertising is commenced until we received your instructions,  however, all legal searches, floorplan and sketches are ordered and prospective buyers are put on notice of the possibility of availability of your property (no address)
so that all is ready and no unnecessary time is lost when you need to sell your house within a limited time.

Alternatively you may wish that qualified buyers be introduced to your property on the strict prevision that definite availability of the property has not
been confirmed.  This strategy may produce a willing buyer with terms suitable to you and you have the option of accepting an offer subject to conditions which you may specify. 

This method is not uncommon to properties and circumstances such as yours and will certainly target the more genuine buyer.

Offering your property For Sale involves setting a fixed price in line with the current market value of the property.  The price clearly sets the conditions of sale.  Once the ceiling  is set, we strive to achieve or better that price for you.

We attract customers using a “price indicator range” showing the price range starting below the likely market value (a “must see” price for buyers)
the aims is to attract all buyers who are in the market. Attracting as many people to your property means more competition resulting in a quicker sale. 
The more offers submitted places us in a strong negotiating position resulting in the best price for your property.  We have attracted more people by not putting a ceiling on the price.

Auction is the most intensive marketing strategy.  It sets a sale date and focuses activity price indicators can be used to attract all the right prospects. 
The auction process creates three selling opportunities: either before at or after auction.  Auctions encourages the buyer’s to make a top competitive
offer with a cash unconditional settlement - it eliminates procrastination by buyers and competes them to act quickly. However, not every property is
auction potential.

We have access to exclusive database of buyers, sellers and tenants looking for their next property.


Our key strategies:
To provide a comprehensive and professional Real Estate service, while utilising
the benefits of latest technology and the World Wide Web.
To provide the highest quality service, based on experience, honesty, professionalism and integrity.
To work in the very best interests of the Vendor, at all times.

Our Plan:
We conduct a detailed and researched appraisal of your property
We prepare a written market report detailing recent comparable sales and current competition
We give you recommendation on the best method of sale
We provide a variety of marketing options
We promote your property through the internet
We have an extensive database of clients –buyers, sellers and tenants
We follow up on all enquiries and provide a regular communication

Marketing Strategies
Photos/sketch to promote your property
Editorial articles
Colour Brochures including floorplan
For Sale & Auction signage
Local Messenger Advertising
Statewide Advertiser Advertising
Open Inspections
By Appointment only Inspections
Regular Communication and feedback
Internet Advertising reaching a potential worldwide market
-larcor.com.au, realestate.com.au, myhome.com.au, homehound.com.au, property.com.au, myproperty.com.au
Database marketing
Target marketing
Buyers guide
Personalised Service 7 Days a week

LARCOR Real Estate – Points of Difference
Member of the Real Estate Institute of South Australia
Proudly Independent Family Business-20 years experience
All areas of Real Estate - Personal to Corporate
Passion to Succeed
Honesty and Integrity
Client comes first each time and every time!
Personalised Service 7 Days a week
Quality Trained Experienced Staff
Internet promotion our dedicated web site
Full office computerisation
Extensive Referral Base